Two months

Happy two months, Sam!



  • Kicking — he could kick all day long … after all, he got a ton of practice on Mommy’s ribs
  • Eating — cannot get enough of any food he’s given
  • Smiling — we got our first smile on Christmas Day, which was the best Christmas present ever


  • Being hungry. That’s about the only dislike. Even baths are getting better.

Size: Size one diapers and comfortably fitting in 0-3 onesies. Pretty soon the one-size cloth diapers will fit, but not quite … we’re still in borrowed newborn diapers.
Blanket: Packers blanket from Grandpa David. I figure that no matter what the outcome of this season, it will be determined by Sam’s 3 months photo so we’re being cautiously optimistic when we say: Go Pack Go!
Sleep: Consistently sleeping 3-4 hours, sometimes stretching up to 5 hours, and often sleeping until 9-10am. Mommy loves those 5 hour nights and long, sleepy mornings.
Mommy: Starting to hit our stride, build a routine, and have consistent enough naptimes that I can get some work done. And we’re starting to go back to the YMCA — I wrap Sam up in the Moby and we do laps around the indoor track. If only Toby could join us, then it would be perfect exercise!


Sam with his cuddle buddy, BeAaron Rodgers

Sam's face



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