The other side of the pregnancy comments

Yesterday, I wrote about how appreciative I am for my body, and about how so many things that I saw as drawbacks and problems have turned into blessings and benefits.

But there is a drawback to all these secretly-helpful benefits: for the first time in my life, I’m hearing something that I’ve never heard about my body: jealousy. Almost to the point of wrath for some women. They can finally tell that I’m pregnant and ask about my due date, and when I tell them, there is uproar.

“You’re due in NOVEMBER? I figured you’d be due in FEBRUARY at the earliest!”
“How are you so little? I was a HOUSE by the time I was that far along!”
“I wish I’d had that bump. I couldn’t see my feet by the fourth month!”
“Are you sure the baby’s growing ok?” (Answer: Yes, my OB checks it every two weeks, I’m sure her measurements give a better gauge of growth than your naked eye.)

Strangely, instead of feeling pride (like I did when I was losing weight and getting compliments), now I feel guilt. I didn’t plan to have a tiny belly, it just sort of … happened. And as much as I wish everybody else had as comfortable a pregnancy as I have been having … I don’t feel like I should apologize for my relative ease. I mean, I AM sorry that you were uncomfortable in your pregnancy, that must have been difficult for you … but it’s not my fault. It has nothing to do with me and my body.


There have been a lot of articles making their way around the internet with the message, “Pregnancy does not give you the right to comment on somebody else’s body.” Usually these are written by women on the other end of the spectrum–women with bellies that go on for days, that enter rooms an hour or two before they get there. They’re tired of the comments like, “How much bigger are you going to get?” and “Are you having twins?!”

But I just wanted to say that there is another side to that story — people who judge for being too small. And while I absolutely love my body and am impressed with all that it’s been able to accomplish as this little boy grows inside me … I just wanted to tell my side of the story too.

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