One year wedding anniversary

I spent some time this weekend putting together some reflections about our wedding as we celebrated our first anniversary.


And in case you were wondering how we celebrated …




I surprised Ben with a cake tasting at Cake Placid, a local bakery–we sampled 6 cupcakes flavors & 2 delicious bars, and spent the whole time chatting and reminiscing about our wedding with a delightful girl who worked there who got engaged two weeks ago.

We did the cake tasting on Saturday and had some leftovers, so we decided that our new wedding anniversary tradition would be to eat cupcakes for breakfast. Then Ben improved the plan with the even more brilliant idea: cupcakes for breakfast … in bed. Yes, we had to change the sheets because they were covered in crumbs. Small price to pay!




Ben surprised me with a giant kit of all the things that I’ll need to for birth to be comfortable at the hospital and recover at home. He really did his research, including an interrogation of our childbirth educator, to become aware of what I would be going through so that it was an exhaustive list of items. I’ll spare you some of the gory ones, but here’s quick list: ice packs, breast pads, peri bottles, dry shampoo, maxi pads, candles (for aromatherapy), massage oil (so he can give me foot and back massages!), tank tops, witch hazel pads, a cozy robe and slippers (for staying warm and the hospital and during recovery at home). It’s possible that Ben is more educated now about birth recovery strategies than I am!

(Sidebar: One of the things I’ve always loved best about Ben is his thoughtful, practical gift-giving. He’s not the kind of guy who defaults to flowers because they’re easy. He really thinks about what I need and what would make me feel special … so while most women wouldn’t swoon over tank tops and medical supplies, I love this gift because it really shows that he cares, that he is concerned about what I’ll be going through, and that he’ll help out however he can in the coming weeks and months as our family grows.)




And then on Sunday night at 6:30 — the time that our sunset ceremony started a year prior — we went to dinner at a delicious farm-to-table creole-inspired restaurant, Mouzon House. Bring on the crawfish beignet, wild game gumbo, steak, panna cotta and bananas foster! (And also a non-alcoholic Moscow Mule for me … fancy dinners without wine need someĀ sort of celebratory drink, right?)

And everything was insanely delicious. I was in bed and asleep by 9pm (after a foot massage to try out my new gifts) because I was just so satisfied with dinner!

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