One month

Happy one month, Sam!


Inspired by Young House Love’s weekly photos, I’ve decided to do monthly pictures with Samuel in a 12-month onesie, so we can watch him grow into it between now & next November. These will all be taken on different blankets that have been given to him, as well as a monthly recap of his adventures.


  • Eating — he makes no distinction between breast and bottle
  • Sleeping — on Mommy is best, Daddy’s a strong runner-up, and the swing comes in 3rd place.
  • Busting out of the swaddle — these hands are for sucking, Mommy!
  • Staring longingly at lamps — I love lamp.
  • Babywearing — he loves being curled up in the Moby wrap.


  • Being swaddled — once he’s in it’s not so bad, but there’s some serious fighting to get those hands down.
  • Bath time — It is cold! And wet! And he is naked! This is not fun!

Size: Newborn onesies are getting snug and 0-3 is starting to enter the rotation, and when we’re done with this box of newborn diapers, it won’t be a problem to move up to size one.
Blanket:¬†Quilt made by Grandma Julie. This one is the first to be featured because it’s actually a wall hanging, so I wanted to get it documented before hanging it up in the nursery.
Sleep: Sleeping about 2 hours at a time during the day, and in 3-sometimes-4 hours stretches at night. That changes during growth spurts, but overall he’s adjusting fairly well to sleeping longer and harder at night.
Mommy: I’m cleared for exercise by my doctor’s office, and already lost half my pregnancy weight! (Gained 30lbs and already down 15lbs.) I had some breastfeeding woes, which I plan to write about soon (both as catharsis and education), but on the whole I feel pretty darn good!


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