The other side of the pregnancy comments


Yesterday, I wrote about how appreciative I am for my body, and about how so many things that I saw as drawbacks and problems have turned into blessings and benefits. But there is a drawback to all these secretly-helpful benefits: for the first time in my life, I’m hearing something that I’ve never heard about my […]

Newfound appreciation

I’ve never been entirely happy with my body composition. From the first time a friend called me fat in first grade–not in an insulting way, just as a comparison, “Meg is fatter than Susie”–I’ve been self-conscious about my weight, and nervous about the way that other see my body.

Like a leaky balloon


In my first trimester, my excitement felt uncontainable. I am pregnant! This is thrilling! So exciting that I might throw up! Then, we finally felt safe to tell people: first our parents, the siblings, then bosses, then close friends, then Facebook. And along the way, I felt like a balloon that has been barely squeezed […]

Trying to do it all

Since this is still mostly secret, right now I’m enjoying that “calm before the storm” of the first trimester. (And also working a full-time job, teaching 4 yoga classes a week, starting a new business, planning a vacation, and growing a human. Yep, that’s my version of “calm!”) – an email to a friend