38 weeks

Starting to get quite antsy and uncomfortable.

Pop pop, fizz fizz!

No longer wearing wedding rings. Everything is swollen.

Date: November 6, 2014
How far along: 38 weeks
Fruit size comparison: Watermelon. Yep, shit is getting real.
Maternity clothes: Exclusively. I was fortunate enough to inherit a stash of maternity clothes from my similarly sized cousin, and there were shirts that we both agreed are ugly. They are now comfortably settled into the rotation.
Sleep: Either passed out cold or wide awake. Usually awake for at least an hour from 2-4am. Wonder if that will be the baby’s witching hour too.
Craziest dream: I had a dream where I saw the baby! I called him by a few names (since we haven’t locked in) and he had a few different hair colors, but in the dream he breastfed like a champ … So clearly you can tell I’m worried about that, and the dream reassured me.
Best moment this week: More non-mommy lasts — last movie in a theater (Birdman), last girls night out without worrying about a sitter, last invoices going out to clients, last dentist visit (thanks for the extra cleaning during pregnancy, Delta Dental).
Sickness/aches: it just aches everywhere. I’ve taken to nightly baths to take some pressure off my joints and have been reading up on biomechanical alignment, because my psoas and quads have never felt tighter (I assume my belly is pulling my hips forward, which causes me to squeeze my butt and lengthen my hamstrings.) doing so much restorative yoga to alleviate the soreness and stretch out the poor, strained muscles and ligaments.
Cravings:  Bagels.
Miss anything: Planning ahead. Now every lunch date and client inboard has to be prefaced with, “Yes, I’ll be there/I’ll work with you … If the baby doesn’t decide to come by that day.”
Looking forward to:  Finally getting this little guy out of me! Sometime in the next 3 weeks, we’ll be meeting each other face to face. Can’t wait to see that squishy little Winston Churchill face, Babybolt!

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