36 weeks

Savoring the last of the child-free days before the chaos ensues. 

After weeks of never wondering if I'd look pregnant ... whoomp, there it is.

After weeks of never wondering if I’d look pregnant … whoomp, there it is.

Date: October 24, 2014
How far along: 36 weeks
Fruit size comparison: Large cantaloupe or honeydew. Which sounds delicious right now. Unlike last week’s head of lettuce.
Maternity clothes: Unless I’m leaving the house, it’s easiest to just reach for hoodies. And so far jackets still stretch, but I think pretty soon the best solution will be just to reach for BEN’S hoodies. And he can’t get mad about wearing his clothes when he teases me about my belly hanging out of my shirts, right?
Sleep: Ugh. Let’s not even talk about it. Definitely getting prepared for sleepless nights ahead.
Craziest dream: Ben left the front door open on a cold day and the whole house got filled with ice statues, similar to when Elsa builds the ice castle in Frozen. They were really complex and detailed, like a statue of a unicorn riding a dragon. But when I tried to take pictures, the statue’s disappeared. I don’t mean they melted, I mean they didn’t show up in pictures, sort of like vampires.
Best moment this week: Checking SO MANY ITEMS off my pre-baby checklist. I should start referring to this month not as “October” but as “business nesting,” because I’m sort of a productivity machine … and it’s helping immensely with my anxiety around leaving my clients in a lurch.
Sickness/aches: Last week I was stretching out on the stairs, doing a standing pigeon, and chatting with Ben about how great it is to still be flexible (which is what inspired this post about the helpfulness of yoga). I felt awesome after my stretch session, but the next day woke up with incredible groin pain, like I pulled a muscle, that won’t go away. When I mentioned it to my OB, she laughed at my thought that I had over-stretched, as if to say: “Oh gosh, no. Every woman eventually starts to feel like their hip & groin muscles are tearing them into two pieces. Aren’t hormones awesome?”
Cravings: None this week.
Miss anything: Taking less than half an hour to walk a mile. Thankfully Toby doesn’t seem to mind, as long as he gets to sniff twice as much grass.
Looking forward to: Starting all the “lasts” before the next set of “firsts.” For example, coming up in the next few weeks:

  • Last visitor (my mom) who doesn’t risk being woken up at all hours by baby wailing
  • Last road trip to hang out with an out-of-state friend without worrying about pumping enough to go baby-free
  • Last midday appointments and lunch dates without stressing over childcare
  • Last. Days. Sleeping. In.

Don’t get me wrong, I am absolutely thrilled that this little guy will be arriving soon … but I’m definitely trying to savor the last few child-free days before the chaos sets in.

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