34 weeks

Moving. Slower.


Love that my unruly hair looks like a necklace.

Love that my unruly hair looks like a necklace.

Date: October 9, 2014
How far along: 34 weeks
Fruit size comparison: Butternut squash. Way to be seasonally appropriate, little one! You’re not delicious now, but pumpkin’s coming up in few weeks to get me excited …
Maternity clothes: Sweater weather is slowly creeping in, and since most of my sweaters are long & cozy, I haven’t needed as many of the maternity tops. (Still rocking those same 2 pairs of maternity jeans though!)

Sleep: Had a few straight nights of wide-awake-from-2am-to-5am, which were pretty miserable … but nothing that some sleep deprivation + benedryl + acid reflux meds couldn’t conquer!
Craziest dream: I was working on a Democratic political campaign, then the Republican candidate died suddenly and they asked me to run in his place. Even though I was relatively unknown (especially compared to my former employer), I won the election and had to suddenly prove that I was “moderate” (even though I’m pretty damn lib).
Best moment this week: BABY SHOWER. It was amazing to get together with so many friends from various stages of my life and to see family from all over! Mom got a ton of onesies and bibs for people to decorate so guests were able to give their well-wishes and jokes for us to enjoy for a long while, and Ben & I were totally blessed with an outpouring of presents for the Babybolt. It’s a good thing we brought home two cars, otherwise it never would have made it back home in just my SUV!
It was also great to hang out with my brother and sister-in-law, as we probably won’t see them at the holidays (due to the ‘Bolt’s imminent arrival). Cleaned up house and played some board games, a true Nupp holiday.
Sickness/aches: Heartburn was worse than usual till my OB told me I could double my daily Zantac intake. They should rename that product “pregnant salvation.”
Cravings: None this week.
Miss anything: Supposedly the sangria at the shower was amazing! I stuck with Sprite and shirley temples. Womp womp.
Looking forward to: Shopping for all the last-minute purchases that didn’t come in the overflowing shower gifts. Guess it’s finally time to invest in a car seat!

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